Un Chien Andalou (2016)

by Cairnem

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Un Chien Andalou is a personal memento of a certain darker period of my life in a form of brooding and hypnotic sonic journey.
The album evolved from a simple abstract piano piece written in 2012 which gradually grew into 42 minutes long composition divided into five sections – each a bit different from one another, yet strongly interconnected as they‘ve been produced in the order they are placed on the record - sort of like writing a book with sections representing its chapters.
During the production process there was a strong emphasis on using as much organic sound palette as possible, meaning all source sound was recorded directly by myself, whether it was a piano in my studio, old dusty vinyl found in the attic of a family cottage, an analogue synthesizer, or field recordings taken at various places during the period of my obssesion with capturing memories of events, moods and emotions via a portable audio recorder. All cut, stretched, processed, layered, looped, pitch shifted, distorted, spectrally adjusted, filtered, and fucked up in various different ways, usually beyond recognition while still maintaining the idea of a lo-fi sound design.
The album has a distinctive low end as that is my favourite part of the frequency spectrum, so turn the volume up and let the bass resonate through your bones!


released October 14, 2016

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Mohyla at Twelve-Fifty Studio, Orlová, Czech Republic.

Cover art and additional paintings by Andrea Vápeníková,
booklet design by Martin Mohyla.





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